Round nozzle duct

DKL - Round nozzle duct for mixing or stratifying ventilation

Repus nozzle ducts can be freely mounted in the room with a mixing of the air to both sides. If you want to put the nozzle duct along a wall, the air can be directed out into the room or down along the wall/glass facade to obtain a stratifying ventilation.

We can offer length-folded in dimensions of 160mm - 1250mm. The nozzle diffusers are manufactured in lengths of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2m and can be built together into long slots, 20-30m and sometimes even longer. The nozzles are manufactured in galvanized sheet metal which is painted in colored RAL 9003 gloss 30%. We offer other colors as desired or uncoated supply air devices. The nozzles are available in white, gray and black. The nozzle ducts can also be supplied with the nozzles on the underside if the air is to be pressed down into the residence zone or on the Gripenskolan when the ceiling is mounted against the nozzle duct at half the diameter.

For this solution, we can offer an L-profile so that the ceiling can be mounted directly to the nozzle duct. For a neat and uniform installation, our silencer and damper unit (LDS) is painted in the same color as desired on the dip channel. This silencer is longitudinally folded and has the same outer diameter as the nozzle duct.

If you want aluzink or stainless, we will solve it. The nozzle diffusers are easily dimensioned with our configurator, which is also available as a plugin for MagiCAD.