Quarter round nozzle duct

DKQ - Quarter round nozzle for school or other public environment

DKQ is a duct channel for wall/ceiling angle. They are available in dimensions 160mm - 400mm. The nozzle diffusers are manufactured in lengths of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2m and can be built together into long slots, 20-30m and sometimes even longer.

For classrooms, DKQ is perfect if you want to put the nozzle diffusers along the wall. To the English School in Falun and Älvsjö we have delivered quarter shaped nozzle which is 7.5m long in dimension 315 which can handle just over 300 l/s without any draft or sound problems. Canal trim is available as an accessory.

The nozzle diffusers are easily dimensioned with our configurator, which is also available as a plugin for MagiCAD.